Plastic-Free Silicone Plate (Gray / Black - 2pk)

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Naomi Plastic-free Silicone Plate

Learning to eat can be frustrating. Have you experienced the challenge of your youngest not wanting any help, but still can not do the task alone?

With the Naomi plate, we make it easy for children to eat by themselves, and at the same time develop a feeling of mastery and joy in everyday life. The plate is neat, easy to use and unbreakable, which also makes it convenient for travel and storage.

NAOMI with Love plates are made of pure natural silicone, which does not emit any chemical substances when used in cooking. It is 100% free of plastic.

In addition, it's built to last a lifetime which makes it sustainable, as the plate can easily be recycled or reused for other purposes as desired.

  • The curved edge makes it easy for the child to catch food on the spoon rather then spilling over on the table.

  • Less mess, gives more time for you and your child to play and enjoy life.

  • Use a second plate as a storage lid to keep leftovers fresh.

  • Stands stable and steady on the table or high chair.

  • Unbreakable materials for a lifetime of use.

  • Plastic-free silicone and emits no chemicals when used in cooking or with food.

  • Dishwasher and microwave safe.

  • Withstands temperatures up to 240 degrees and -40 degrees.