5 Ways to keep Your Naomi Plate Clean 

Your Naomi plates are meant to stay with you for years to come. Or if you don’t get bored with them and don’t give them over to your pets or plants, your grandchildren may end up using these plates. They are that durable!

But their immunity toward wear and tear is not the only factor that makes them that durable. On the contrary, ease of cleaning is what makes them last that long. You see stains ruining the look of other utensils. That’s not an issue with these plates.

And if you are worried about germs gathering in them after repeat use, you can easily sanitize them.

Here are a few ways to keep your Naomi plates clean.

Wash Them

Cleaning them after regular use is easy. They are dishwasher safe. And you can also use soap and water to clean them manually.

Eliminate Odors

So, you stored the food in these plates for far too long and now this food’s smell is stuck in the plate set. Getting rid of this smell is easy. Start with preparing a mixture of 50% vinegar and 50% warm water. Let these plates soak in this mixture for a few hours. After this time, they are as fresh as new.

Baking is another way to do away with this smell. You will bake them at 350°F for eight minutes on top of a baking sheet, of course. After that, you need to let your plates cool completely.

Either of these methods will work for the plates to get rid of the smell. But if the smell doesn’t work with one method, follow up with the other one.

Remove Stains

You are tired of throwing away your child’s once-favorite plates because they got stains. Those heartbreaks are over with Naomi plates. If the stain persists after washing, simply let it take a sunbath for a few hours and see the stain vanish.

And no, thesun will not harm this 100% Platinum silicone – it's extremely immune to UV rays.

Remove Germs

If you haven’t used your Naomi plates for some time, it’s natural for you to be more vigilant of mold. In that case, you can sanitize them using a simple method.

Bathe it in vinegar to get rid of mold. Or you may also bathe it in boiling water to sanitize it.

Some Drying Tips

After washing them, allow your plates to air dry. You may want to give them some time to dry properly before putting them away.

Don’t be tempted to stand them on sharp surfaces for drying. This can damage these plates making them less attractive and more prone to germs.

You may see water spots on Naomi plates after air drying. They are harmless and you can easily get rid of them using a clean towel.

Some Using Tips

These plates aren’t immune to damage brought to them with sharp objects. Make sure you are serving food with a spoon to avoid your child hitting the plate with the fork or knife.

If you want to store food in them, only store like-colored foods in them to prevent discoloration. 

Take Away

Naomi plates last long. And they can live this long life without germs and discoloration. The best thing is that you don’t have to put in lots of effort to keep them clean and healthy. You can use simple methods of washing, vinegar-water soaking, and sunbathing to keep them as clean as healthy.  

Dishwasher safe