The United Nations Global Sustainable Development Goal 12 is at the core of Naomi's sustainability activities. We promote the production of sustainable raw materials, develop recyclable products and packaging solutions based on recyclable or recyclable materials, to reduce the climate footprint of our products and form a better daily life through our product. By developing products, we want to move to sustainable production and consumption. Keep in mind that the work of the SDG 12 has also contributed to completing a few of the other SDGs.

An encouragement for recycling:

Our Naomi products are made from the finest platinum silicone and are made to last for a long period of time. They are built to withstand the busy life of families with young children, many dishwasher trips, and thousands of tumbles and falls. All of our products are lovingly crafted, while paying close attention to the environment surrounding us. We are not in line with our sustainability goals, but we are constantly striving to make the next choices we need to treat both nature and the people within it as gently as possible. Platinum silicone is a safe material that does not release toxic chemicals, but of course it should not be thrown into nature, so we chose to design our products with platinum silicone. We are working on building a second-hand goods return system so that the silicone contained in Naomi products can be converted into useful ones and have the opportunity to be reused. Unfortunately, this has not been completed yet and is yet to come in the future. So far, I hope you find a good solution where you can be creative individually as well as allowing you to be able to reuse your product.

Examples include:
✅ Recycling the product by giving it to a fellow friend who just had a baby.

✅ perhaps your family pet could be in use of a new food or water provider.

✅ it can act as a new toy for your kids to use in the sandbox.

✅ the plate floats - perfect for the bubble bath.

✅ give the flowers a new, colorful home.

✅ use two plates as containers to store fresh, delicious food.

No matter what you do, do not leave our Naomi plates hanging in the hands of nature. Even though they evolved from nature does not mean they belong there. Keep as many as you like at home or give them to your friends for more enjoyment.

Thank you, in advance, for caring! 💖