About Us

Naomi's birth inspired me to create innovative, sustainable products for children. I came across challenges as a single mother that I thought could be solved by making products better tailored to the child's needs. My design of Naomi's plate was inspired by Naomi's frustration from spilling food. Children and adults alike love this product, which gives them a sense of mastery.

I have always been passionate about food and meals. The food we eat affects how we feel and how we perform. I was eager to share these moments around the table with Naomi. But it wasn't as I expected. In the end, I often ended up frustrated and angry with a lot of mess after my planned meals. When the spoon was empty when she reached her mouth, Naomi felt frustrated that she could not master eating on her own. Having a messy kitchen table and a hungry child made me tired. We fought over food on a sticky battlefield as a power struggle developed between us during our meals.

When things don't work, it's in my nature to come up with solutions in a creative way, and everyday situations have often led me to the drawing board. Likewise, this time. Naomi's own plate was the result of our common frustration. Often, nature's organic forms are what inspire me when designing products. Whenever I need solutions or inspiration, I turn to nature. Occasionally, it's my immediate surroundings that provide me with nourishment, but other times I have to look farther ahead for inspiration as I go through the process.

When designing the Naomi plate, I was able to look all the way down to Antarctica. When I went to the drawing board to solve our unbearable food situation, my deep and lifelong fascination with penguins inspired my thinking. It has an organic shape, and if you look at it closely, you'll see that it is shaped like a penguin's stomach on the outside. Smooth, cozy and soft. The ideal support for a small spoon on its way to the mouth.  

In addition to giving children a sense of mastery, the Naomi plate will give the entire family some peace of mind. As a lover of nature and the environment, it has been imperative that the product be as sustainable as possible, while being affordable to most. I grew up with a brother who had Cerebral Palsy, so it is natural for me to think that a larger version of the plate would be helpful to adults with motor skills and coordination difficulties. I will keep working on this, along with several other sustainable children's products that I already have in mind. 

I hope the Naomi plate will bring your family a sense of belonging as well as an attractive and practical space in your home, that family meals will be more enjoyable, and that your little one will feel a sense of accomplishment. That would really warm my heart and give me joy!

Bon appétit!

With love,