Mealtime Struggles- The Don’ts

June 09, 2022 1 min read


As parents, we are responsible to feed our children until they are full, right? Wrong!

It’s just our belief and, oftentimes, it’s detrimental to the child’s growth and nourishment.

It may sound ironic but when we start taking the responsibility for their choices, we make them stuck.

We can express this feeling of responsibility in a few behaviours, like:




Threatening, and Excessively complimenting the food.

In any case, the result is the same – we deprive our children of their basic right of choice. They feel stuck in this choiceless mode. And this lack of progress exactly opposes the growth we expect from nourishment.

The only choice is to let the children choose for themselves. Have peace delegating this choice.

Partner with Naomi plates in bringing choice back to your kids’ eating habits.